Welcome to Ardent Security

The present security environment in our country is certainly a challenging one with sporadic instances of bomb explosions, riots, hate crimes, theft and arson and much else. The government security agencies are grossly inadequate in size & training to handle every situation that emerges.  In such a scenario private security agencies surely need to step in to fill the void. Unfortunately this entire aspect of security is approached by many in a casual manner, thus merely replacing the traditional ‘chowkidar’ with a uniformed guard.

We at ARDENT however understand that security is ‘serious’ business.  Actual security is more important than ‘perceived’ security.  Moreover ensuring security requires expert integration of various mutually independent, non –overlapping, non redundant and all encompassing methods. We call this an integrated ‘ORTHOGONAL’ security system. Therefore at ARDENT, we offer ‘Solutions’ not products. With capabilities that include the integration of our uniformed security personnel (both armed and unarmed) with leading-edge technologies and strategic consulting services, we provide the most cost-efficient, effective protective solutions for every client’s specific needs.

The Ardent Advantage:          Our Clients
  • Assessment of security Needs
  • Customized Solutions
  • System Integration
  • Designed and Delivered On-Time and On-Budget
  • Flexible Approach
  • Timely Response